Lowrance Eagle 7 (No Transducer)


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Product Overview

Lowrance Eagle 7 (No Transducer) | 000-16230-001


Choose the best sonar combination for your type of fishing. For deeper water angling add an 83/200 HDI med/high or 50/200 HDI low/high CHIRP and DownScan imaging™ - perfect for the best views below the boat in deeper water. Alternatively, you can add a Splitshot HD or TripleShot HD Transducer, or choose from the existing bundled products options.

FishReveal™ Take the guesswork out of fish identification with FishReveal, combining DownScan with CHIRP for unparalleled target separation and identification.

Autotuning Simple autotuning sonar gives you the optimal settings from the start so you don’t have to spend time trying to find them yourself.

• Compatible with 83/200 HDI, 50/200 HDI, SplitShot™ HD and TripleShot™ HD Transducers
• Autotuning sonar
• Worldwide basemap
• IPS screen, viewable from all angles, even in polarized glasses
• New reliable twist-lock connector system for easy installation in any boat or kayak
• SD card slot for software updates, Genesis Live recording and charting add-ons.
• See fish hiding in cover with FishReveal™ mode
• Increase contrast and viewability with all-new Imaging colour palettes

• Backlight Colour: Pure white LED
• Resolution: 800 x 480
• Screen Brightness: 1000 NITS
• Size and Type: 7" IPS Display
• Viewing Angles: 80° top/bottom, 80° left/right
• Power Consumption, max.: 550 mA @ 12 V DC with backlight on full
• Power Consumption, min.: 250 mA @ 12 V DC with backlight off
• Power Consumption, typical: 550 mA @ 12 V DC with backlight on full
• Recommended Fuse Rating: 3A
• Supply Voltage: 12v DC (10.8-17VDC)
• Humidity: 60°C, 95% relative humidity (RH) for 48 hours
• Operating Temperature Range: 5°F to 131°F (-15°C to 55°C )
• Storage Temperature Range: 4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C )
• Waterproof rating: IPX7 with card door closed
• Correction: SBAS
• Time to First Fix: 45s
• Cartography included: Worldwide basemap chart
• Cartography supported: C-MAP® DISCOVER™.
• External Storage: 1 slot (microSD® 32 GB maximum)
• Waypoints, Routes, Tracks: 3000 Waypoints 100 Routes 100 Trails
• Compass Safe Distance - Metric, imperial: 12" (300mm)
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 225.9 mm (8.89") x 139.8 mm (5.5") x 88.5 (3.48")
• Mounting Type: Gimbal bracket or dash mount
• Weight: 0.67 kg (1.48 lb)
• Warranty Period: 1 Year + 4 additional years of upgrade options totaling 5 years
• Interface: Keypad:8-way directional keypad, Zoom +/- (MOB), Exit, Enter, Menu, Waypoint, Power / backlight


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