Sail Boat Helm Pods

Sail Boat Helm Pods

With great new design features, the Scanstrut Helm Pod is a perfect choice for all cockpit configurations. With options to fit radar displays, chartplotters and standard navigation instruments, the choice is yours!

Range Features:
• Fits pedestal rails from 25mm to 33.7mm (0.98″ – 1.33″) diameter.
• Universal helm fixing.
• Watertight seal at cable entry.
• Saddle system supports the stainless tubing enabling a secure and rigid fit onto any pedestal.
• The design allows for a quick and safe install and repeat servicing.
• Available in 8 sizes.
• Pod seal is manufactured from a high tear strength silicone with a very high resistance to heat and UV.
• As standard, you will receive your Scanpod uncut.
• For a small charge, factory cutting service is available

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