A+T ATP2 Processor Distributed System


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Product Overview

The ATP Processor is provided in 2 configurations depending on application:-

ATPRC02 – ATP2- New build or major upgrade

A single Ethernet/power cable run through the yacht can link all sensors and displays with interface boxes positioned to minimise discrete wiring.

Interface boxes are available for speed/temp/depth, wind, analogue/0-20mA and loadcell. There is no practical limit to the number of these that can be put on any system.

Displays are also run on the Ethernet network and waterproof network switches are supplied to link the network together.

ATPRC01 – ATP1 - Upgrade to existing system

Where the wiring is already in place with wind, speed, depth and other sensors and displays already run to the processor location then the ATP is supplied with in-case speed/temp/depth interface and wind interface.

This configuration is generally sufficient for most applications and there is room in the case for an additional interface card, typically an additional speed card or analogue card.


  • Used for all configuration, calibration and diagnostics.
  • Runs on any device, PC, Mac, tablet.
  • Ethernet links to Expedition, Adrena, MacSea, Transas.
  • Output for Apps including iSailor, iOnboard and Yacht Point.

Extensive diagnostics for all sensors and calculations, full visibility