Actisense NGX-1-USB NMEA 2000® Dual Gateway


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Product Overview

Actisense NGX-1-USB NMEA 2000® Dual Gateway

The most common scenario for an NGX is connecting legacy NMEA 0183 equipment, into modern NMEA 2000 systems.

A perfect example is a vessel with NMEA 0183 GPS, Wind and Depth sensors, but there’s also an NMEA 2000 network with MFDs. Getting the NMEA 0183 data onto the MFD requires the data to be converted and output as NMEA 2000 PGNs.

The NGX will receive, convert and transmit NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 data bi-directionally.

On-board computers running applications such as TimeZero are becoming more common. To get the data into these NMEA 2000 programs, an interface is required between the NMEA 2000 network and the PC. The NGX will transfer all data to/from an NMEA 2000 network and PC.

Many devices also require configuration on the network, which can be done via the Actisense NGX-1 (if the manufacturer specifies our gateway).

• View all NMEA 2000 network data on Actisense NMEA Reader. The device supports every available PGN in the NMEA 2000 standard.
• View converted NMEA 0183 data on Actisense NMEA Reader. The device sports the largest conversion library of any gateway.
• Easily interface with a wide range of PC applications via the NGX-1, such as TimeZero (NMEA 2000) and OpenCPN (NMEA 0183).
• Configure the Actisense EMU-1, NGW-1 and NGX-1 via Actisense Toolkit using an NGX-1.
• Connect legacy NMEA 0183 instruments together with new NMEA 2000 networks, greatly reducing upgrade costs.

The NGX-1 is available in two versions:
NGX-1-USB: equipped with a USB cable to allow Plug and Play connectivity with a PC.

NGX-1-ISO: equipped with a bare wire open ended cable, allowing for connectivity to an NMEA 0183 device, or Serial Port / DB-9.


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