Actisense PRO-NDC-1E Intelligent NMEA 0183 Multiplexer


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Product Overview

Actisense PRO-NDC-1E Intelligent NMEA 0183 Multiplexer

The PRO-NDC-1E is more than just an NMEA 0183 Multiplexer…
Rugged, Robust, Type Approved Multiplexer with powerful, advanced features enable baud rate adjustments, auto-switching and sentence level filtering.

Multiplexers are typically used to combine multiple instruments data output into a smaller number of outputs. As you can’t connect two talkers to one listener directly, a multiplexer allows for the data to be output through one talker connection.

An example of this could be on a commercial vessel with multiple NMEA 0183 GPS, wind, AIS and depth instruments. To get all of this data combined and sent to a display or converted via an NGX to NMEA 2000, a PRO-NDC-1E can be used.

With the PRO-NDC-1E, the data can be filtered, passed or blocked and monitored, giving greater flexibility and control over all instrument data.

The device also carries the ability to stream NMEA 0183 over Ethernet, meaning it can connect to other existing Ethernet Systems and share the 0183 data to various connected applications or devices.

Managing and routing your NMEA 0183 data is straight forward, hassle free using the PRO-NDC-1E;
• Auto-switching between inputs to allow for a primary, secondary, tertiary priority input.
• Configurable baud rates to allow 38400 and 4800 baud devices to operate through the same multiplexer.
• Sentence filtering to block unwanted sentences from specific outputs helps to limit bandwidth consumption.
• Easy to configure using the web based UI, no need to manually enter and edit strings of text.
• RINA type approved device means the multiplexer is fit for leisure, commercial and class / type installations.
• Multiple LED’s allow for ‘quick glance’ diagnostics to ensure everything is operating correctly.
• NMEA 0183 data streaming over Ethernet enables connectivity to existing Ethernet devices and systems.
• 5 OPTO-Isolated NMEA 0183 inputs and 2 ISO-Drive NMEA 0183 outputs provide protection for all connected instruments.