PV Logic 250w MHD Flexi Roof and Deck Top Kit - rear exit

PV Logic

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Product Overview

PV Logic 250w MHD Flexi Roof and Deck Top Kit - rear exit

Manufactured using the latest solar cell technology to create super-efficient power generation, the 250wp Mono High Density (MHD) Flexi solar panel is hard wearing and ultra-lightweight which makes it perfect for a campervan or boat. The roof and deck top kit comes with all you need to install a panel.

Suitable for both flat surfaces as well as those with a slight curve, the 250w panel delivers up to 1500wh per day and comes with a four year warranty.

The panel is supplied with 2 x 90cm cables with MC4 connectors plus an extra 2 x 3m cables with male/female MC4 connectors plus detailed instructions

In the Box:
1 x 250w MHD semi-flexible solar panel with 2 x 90cm cable fitted with MC4 connectors
2 x 3m cable with MC4 connectors at one end, bare cable at the other
20A MPPT charge controller
2 x bonding agent
1 x instruction sheet


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