PV Logic 150w Flexi Mono High Density Solar Panel - rear exit

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Product Overview

PV Logic 150w Flexi Mono High Density Solar Panel - Rear Exit | STPVFU150R

Manufactured using the latest solar cell technology to create super-efficient power generation, the 150wp Mono High Density (MHD) Flexi solar panel is hard wearing and ultra-lightweight. The 150w panel is ideal use on a campervan roof or the cabin of a boat to maximise power output in the space available. Suitable for both flat surfaces as well as those with a slight curve, the 150w panel delivers up to 900wh per day and comes with a four year warranty. The panel is supplied with 4m cable, fuse and fuse holder plus detailed instructions.

The ultra-lightweight flexi MHD panels have a depth of just 2mm making them the perfect solution for flat, or slightly curved surfaces, where minimising weight is a must!

The hard wearing ETFE top sheet has high impact resistance, and it is salt and sea spray tested for resilience in the harshest weather conditions.

All panels in the MHD flexi range are available in top exit and rear exit options – the rear cable exit allows for a completely flush fit to a roof or decking.

A charge controller should be used with MHD solar panels to protect the battery from being overcharged and to prevent reverse current drain.

Our MPPT charge controllers come with free-to-download Bluetooth app (Apple and Android) to display how the solar system is performing. The app software links your smartphone to the charge controller and shows performance figures for the leisure battery.

If you want the complete kit to professionally install your solar panel choose a 150w MHD Flexi Roof and Deck Top Kit to get best value. The kit includes the panel, 4m cable, a 15A MPPT (dual battery) charge controller, adhesive, cable gland and detailed fitting instructions.


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