Garmin Panoptix™ PS70 Through Hull Transducer (No Fairing Block)


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Product Overview

Garmin Panoptix™ PS70 Through Hull Transducer (No Fairing Block)

See fish live. Catch fish deep. The Panoptix™ PS70 thru-hull transducer is powered by Garmin RapidReturn™ sonar, which gives you live sonar views up to 1,000’ below the surface. As the fastest live sonar at 1,000’, images update at a minimum of 10 frames per second. Locate bait and fish quickly with a wide 120-degree by 8-degree sonar beam.

• Garmin RapidReturn™ sonar provides real-time images up to 1,000’ below the surface, updating at a minimum of 10 frames per second
• Locate bait and fish quickly with a wide 120-degree by 8-degree sonar beam
• Choose the sonar mode that works for your circumstance: LiveVü™ down mode, traditional sonar, triple-beam sonar or RealVü™ 3D historical scanning technology
• See a clear view — even in rough waters — with image stabilisation
• Optional fairing block is rugged enough to withstand high operating speeds and rough offshore conditions
• Thru-hull transducer and fairing block provide 0- to 20-degree deadrise angles or flush pocket mounting
• 800-watt power output gives you stronger sonar penetration through the water
• LiveVü™ down mode provides real-time live sonar images up to 1000'; see small baitfish and large target fish swimming under your boat
• RealVü™ 3D historical scanning technology helps you see ocean floor structure while your boat is moving; it shows the entire water column you have passed over in 3D, from the bottom to the surface and all fish in between
• The New True Motion 3D sonar returns feature now follows the vessel’s course over ground
• Traditional sonar offers crisp clear fish arches and excellent separation of targets under the boat
• Triple-beam traditional sonar produces a three-way traditional sonar split, giving you sonar returns from the port and starboard directions — as well as targets directly under the boat — in an easy-to-understand traditional sonar view
• Survey the ocean floor in great detail; new QuickDraw Contours feature improvements allow you to survey wide areas at depths up to 1,000'

Dimensions: 21.6 x 11.4 x 24.4 cm (8.5″ x 4.49″ x 9.61″)
Weight: 4.6 kg (10.12 lbs)
Waterproof: IPX7
Transducer Beamwidth: 120° x 8°
Transducer Cable Length: 2.4 m (8 ft) + 12.1 m (40 ft) extension
Temperature Range: 0° C to 40° C
Power Input: 10-35 V
Power Usage: 35 W
Fuse: 7.5 A
Frequency: 190-210 kHz
Transmit Power: 800 W
Maximum Depth: Saltwater: 300 m (1000')
Sonar Type: Multi-beam phased array
Garmin Marine Network Ports: 1 (small connector)
Sonar Modes:

In the Box:
PS70 down-looking thru-hull down transducer
Stainless steel thru-hull mounting hardware
Power cable
Network cable 12 metres (40 ft) with network adapter


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