Cristec YPOWER+ 12V 60 Amp 4 Output Charger


YPOWER+ 12-60
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Product Overview

Cristec YPOWER+ 12V 60 Amp 4 Output Charger

The Cristec YPOWER+ 12-60 battery charger features high quality power electronics for optimum performance at high temperatures and for silent operation - no fans are required. Fully-automatic 5-stage charging means your YPOWER+ can be left permanently connected to your batteries to maintain their charge.

Latest Technology
Features include automatic sensing and distribution of 100% of available charging to any one bank or a combination of up to 4 banks. The CRISTEC YPOWER chargers accept a wide input power supply range, enabling you to connect to shore power in marinas around the world.

Optimum Charging
CRISTEC chargers are designed to work with all battery types. Their simple dip-switch programming allows you to select the right charge curves to suit your batteries; gel, AGM, flooded, Calcium-Lead, Lithium… This ensures your batteries receive the correct charge and are kept in excellent condition.

5-Stage Charging
Boost : charges batteries to 80% of full charge
Absorption : slowly completes remaining charge to 100%
Floating : maintains battery charge
Automatic refresh : prevents sulphation and revitalizes batteries, selectable by internal switch
Reboost : new automatic Boost phase if battery demand needs it.

Silent Operation
Passively cooled resulting in silent operation and an optimized lifespan

App Control
Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for app control

4 Independent Outputs
Features 4 independent outputs, including one dedicated to the engine battery

High Performance
Rated charge up to +60 degrees C with no de-rate. ISO8846 compliance – Protection against ignition of flammable gases

Voltage - 12V
Charge Output (A) - 60
No. of Outputs - 4
Fanless - Yes


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