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Product Overview

Scanstrut ATMOS - In-Built Air Station - Available January 2024

ATMOS, by Scanstrut, will revolutionize your family’s boating experience. This beautifully designed, in-built air station is here to maximize quality time on the water.
At the push of a button, ATMOS is ready to inflate your paddleboards, towables and more: simply set the target pressure and let ATMOS do all the hard work.
Utilizing Scanstrut’s outdoor technology DNA, this is waterproof on-board air that’s engineered to thrive in the harsh marine environment.

Save time and energy - get out on the water faster!
Say goodbye to gruelling manual pumps and low-quality 12V plug-ins at home or the dock! With ATMOS, you can inflate your watercraft while you travel, so you don't waste time at your favourite tubing or paddleboarding spot.

Innovative Two Stage Pump
Unleash the power, efficiency and reliability of our innovative two stage pump system. The first stage features a highly efficient fan motor, followed by a robust piston pump, both designed specifically for the rugged demands of the marine environment.
ATMOS, combines both of these pumps into one waterproof, easy-to-use onboard air station, automatically switching at 1.1PSI from the HVLP to the HPLV pump.

Stage 1: High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP)
Designed to move large volumes of air with minimal pressure. They are typically used for inflating larger inflatable objects like kayaks, large tubes and bathing platforms as they can quickly inflate the object to the desired pressure.

Stage 2: High-pressure, low-volume (HPLV)
Designed to generate a high level of pressure with a low volume of air. Perfect for inflating smaller toys like SUPs, inflatable kayaks, and tubes that require a higher level of pressure for optimum performance.

Real World Performance
ATMOS has got you covered. To inflate a 10.6 ft SUP to 20 PSI, it will take between 6 to 8 minutes, while deflating takes just 1 minute. For an average towable, inflating to 1.5 PSI takes 3 minutes, and deflating takes only 1 minute and a swim platform 4m x 2m takes 16mins to 5 PSI. Recommended maximum run time for the air station is 25 minutes (3 SUPs).

Key Features
• 12V
• IPX6 Waterproof front and back
• Inflates (and deflates) SUPS, Towables and more
• Inflate and deflate ports
• Max pressure 20PSI / 1.37 Bar
• PSI or BAR
• Marine grade two stage pump
• LCD display
• Soft Touch Buttons
• Supplied with 2.5 (8ft) hose
• Supplied with 6 different connectors
• Compact and shallow
• Easy Install into any panel
• Certified and tested
• Includes sun cover
• Features Ignition Protection - ISO 8846 and SAE J1171

• Input voltage: 12V Battery system (10-14V).
• Max current draw: 12A (140W).
• Standby current draw: 0.2W Max.
• Max volume of airflow 0-1 PSI: 350 LPM/12.3 CFM.
• Max volume of airflow 1-20 PSI: 70 LPM/2.5 CFM.
• Ambient operating temp: -20º to +50 ºC.
• Two Stage Pump:
• Stage 1 = 0 -1 PSI
• Stage 2 = 1.1 - 20 PSI

In The Box:
1x Cutting template
1x Hose
6x Connectors
1x Hose/ connectors storage net bag


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